How to clean the water purifier

Update:03 Jan 2020

When using it again, rinse the water purifier and rinse it for about 3-5 minutes.
After 10 days or more, rinse for more than 15 minutes. Until the water is completely flushed. Otherwise, there will be odor.
2. impurity elimination
Open the drain port to remove impurities. When using it again, first open the drain outlet to avoid blockage and no water or odor.
3. Replace the filter element if necessary
If the water purifier is not used for 6 months or more, the filtering function will be invalidated.
First clean the filter element to see if it has a water purification effect. If not, replace the filter element.
4. Turn off the water inlet tap
If not used for a long time, close the water inlet valve. To prevent unnecessary loss of faucet.
5.Backwash water purifier filter
Do not use it for more than one month, clean the filter element once again when it is used again. After flushing, the water quality is not good and the effluent is small, so it can be backwashed.