Key points and misunderstandings of buying a filter(2)

Update:14 Dec 2019

1. Cost-effectiveness: The better the quality of the water purifier, the more stable the performance, the more convenient it is to use, and the later the maintenance interest will be lower.
2. Power saving: There are local water purifiers that need to be powered on in the water purification process to work properly. In the process of selecting a water purifier, it is necessary and convenient to choose a water purifier that does not require power consumption. For example, the pipeline machine and water heater that match the host of the water purifier need to consider node factors.
3. Serviceability: Do n’t buy a water purifier on the Internet cheaply. The filtration technology of the water purifier is fundamental. Some very cheap faucet-type water purifiers do not play any role at all. The second is the quality of the overall assembly. Generally, the quality of the products of the manufacturers is often unsuccessful. The material of the materials such as the filter element will be relatively poor. At the same time, there is a risk of meshing between the parts. Followed by service convenience and security. It is generally recommended that you purchase machines with the brand's specialty stores or shopping mall counters, so that the timely response of the after-sales service will be relatively high, and the cooperation of the villagers and villagers is the most practical. Some people who sell water purifiers and run water purifiers need to be careful, otherwise you may not find anyone after selling the machine.