The main role of the titanium rod filter

Update:06 Sep 2019

I believe everyone is familiar with the titanium rod filter, so we will not talk about it here, and then explain to you the main functions are as follows:
1. Generally, for a high filtration precision, it is a function that can filter one particle of 0.2 micron or more at a time.
2. For the filtration solution, the role of the adsorbent and a problem of adsorption loss of the catalyst can be used, and it does not change the original composition of the work.
3. For a small footprint, or a resistance to filtration is also small, or the problem of power consumption is a problem, but the operation is simple, the labor intensity is generally relatively low.
4, a comparison of the effect of corrosion resistance, while an anti-oxidation for high temperature, or a high-temperature precision filtration for a variety of machine solvents.
5. For high filtration efficiency, it can be filtered by pressure filtration, and it is also convenient for high temperature sterilization and regeneration, and also can be completed by phase recovery.
6, generally non-toxic, non-magnetic and non-polluting biocompatibility is generally a good, but a classification effect on the pharmaceutical chemical industry.