Antifreeze measures for pre-filter

Update:23 Jul 2020
Water purifier agent: what is a pre-filter?

The pre-filter is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house, which can filter large particles such as sand, rust, etc. in the tap water. The pre-filter is generally installed at the front end of the pipeline, so it is named after the word "pre-"; and "filter" refers to the basic principle of this type of equipment.

Usually "T" type structure. The left and right ends of the "one horizontal" position above are the water inlet and outlet respectively. The bottom "one vertical" position is the body and the internal cylindrical filter, and the bottom end is the sewage outlet, which is controlled by a valve to open and close. Filter sediment, rust, and large particles in tap water. Prevent the large amount of precipitated impurities produced in the water supply pipe network of cities and communities from causing harm to the human body, and to the hidden pipes, faucets, plumbing, water heaters, boilers, central air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and other water appliances (water purification) Machines, pure water machines, water softeners), etc. play a positive role in pre-protection.

The pre-filter is the nemesis of the secondary pollution of the water supply pipe network, which restores the water quality of the household to the factory standard of tap water. It is a reliable impurity filter device and the first water purification guard in your home.

Water purifier agent: antifreeze measures for pre-filter

The room temperature installed in the room should not be lower than 0 degrees. Because the volume of water will expand during the solidification process, if it freezes, it will directly cause the pre-filter pipeline, filter bottle, etc. to burst and cause water leakage. If it is installed outdoors, there must be anti-freezing measures. If there is no anti-freezing measure, it may cause the pre-filter to freeze and crack. The pre-filter must be stopped when the temperature is below zero. If you do not use the pre-filter for a long time or need to go out, you must close the water inlet valve to drain all the water in the filter bottle, and check whether the appearance of the machine is normal before using it again.

General water purifiers currently commonly used preconditioners all use PP cotton, and its filtration accuracy is claimed to be between 1-50 microns. The main purpose is to extend the service life of the rear filter element. Because of the high replacement frequency and the inability of the filter element to achieve backwashing, its function has a tendency to be replaced by the pre-filter (but because of its low cost, it is still used in large quantities. PP cotton exists The problem: The replacement cycle is relatively short, the price is transparent, and there is no profit margin; after the accumulation of impurities, they cannot be discharged in time, causing secondary pollution and easy to breed bacteria; most of the PP cotton is made of transparent material, which is easy to grow moss)

PP cotton is a man-made chemical fiber made of polypropylene fiber. The cotton has good elasticity, strong bulk, beautiful appearance, not afraid of squeezing, easy to wash, and quick-drying. It is suitable for quilt factories, toy factories, spray cotton factories, non-woven fabrics and other manufacturers. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean.

PP cotton can be divided into two-dimensional PP cotton and three-dimensional PP cotton.

Three-dimensional pp cotton is a high-grade fiber cotton and a kind of PP cotton. The raw material is better than two-dimensional pp cotton. The hollow fiber is used (the good price is about 15,000, the ordinary raw material is about 13,000, and some are lower than this price, but the raw material is too poor and the rebound effect is not ideal.