Introduction to installation and attention points of household water purifier

Update:30 Jul 2020

Wholesale price of water purifier: installation method of household water purifier

Check whether the accessories are complete, connect the main unit and the filter element, install the RO membrane, tighten the connectors and the filter bottle with an appropriate wrench, install the faucet in the appropriate position of the sink, install the gasket into the faucet spindle, and put the faucet in the sink Punch and fix it. Fix the faucet, then insert the 2 branch water pipe and connect it with the faucet, cut the appropriate water pipes to connect the raw water, pure water, pressure bucket, and waste water pipes respectively, close the main water inlet valve, and turn the water inlet three way and 2 points After installing the ball valve, connect the main engine to the pressure tank, and then connect the main engine to the water inlet. Cut a pipe of appropriate length to connect it to the waste water outlet, and connect the other end to the sewer. Then fix the waste water pipe with a cable tie. Straighten out the connected water pipes and tie them with cable ties. Place the pressure bucket and the host well, and plug in the power supply to turn on the water source. Clean the site and clean the sink well and tidy up the site.

Wholesale price of water purifier: precautions for installation of household water purifier

First of all, the household water purifier should not be dark yellow in direct sunlight. The ambient temperature of the product should be 5-45 degrees Celsius. Please pay attention to anti-freezing in winter. The product cannot filter hot water and cannot be installed behind the water heater. Please use the product when the tap water pressure is higher than 0.4MP. Before installing the pressure reducing valve, the product should be fixed and square to prevent the product from being turned over. Do not remove the parts on the product at will to prevent water leakage and damage to the machine. When installing the filter bottle, the seal ring should be of the right size, and the lubricant should be on the way. The PE pipe and the joint are matched in place, and the water inlet tee shall be wrapped with raw material tape at the joint. After the installation is completed, the water source and the gooseneck faucet should be turned on, and the gooseneck faucet should be turned off after the water is discharged to check for water leakage.

More and more families have installed household water purifiers, and people have a certain understanding of household water purifiers. However, it is not possible to install a household water purifier once and for all. The maintenance of a household water purifier is very important to our drinking water health. To put it simply, the principle of a household water purifier is to filter out pollutants contained in the water through a filter element. However, the service life of the filter element is limited. If it is not replaced for a long time, the residual pollutants in the filter element will cause secondary pollution of the tap water. Whether the filter element needs to be replaced can be judged from the following points:

1. Slow water production. The reason for the slow water production of household water purifiers for a period of time may be that the filter element is blocked and needs to be replaced.

2. The taste is not good, even scale appears, and the water is muddy.

Generally, the filter element of household water purifiers can be used for six months to one year. The use time must not be too long. Otherwise, it will not be cost-effective to cause secondary pollution and affect family health. Regardless of the brand of household water purifiers, everyone can call Goodaymart's service number to replace the filter element for you without on-site service fees, saving you trouble.