Filter element type

Update:19 Jan 2020

The filter is an indispensable part of our lives now. It can purify the flow of objects and separate things that are irrelevant to the original objects, especially in water filtration applications, which will greatly help our lives.
Filter element
The types of filter elements to be talked about today are mainly for water filter elements, and other aspects are not described in detail. The material of filter element mainly includes paper filter element, chemical fiber filter element, mesh filter element, metal filter element, activated carbon filter element, etc. They each have their own characteristics and can be targeted at different situations of water quality.
For example, the ceramic filter element can retain beneficial minerals in the water, while effectively removing mud, bacteria, rust, never clogging, long service life, excellent filtering effect, etc. At the same time, it is not afraid of clogging and can adapt to very poor water quality. At present, the ceramic filter element with the highest filtration accuracy in the world is a dual-control membrane ceramic filter element with an average pore diameter of 0.1 μm. The water filtered by the filter element can be drunk without boiling, which fully meets the national standard for direct drinking water.
Although there are many water dispensers on the market that say that the filter element is of good quality and the water can be directly consumed after filtering, for safety reasons, we still need to boil the water and drink it.