What the filter does for water

Update:10 Feb 2020

Water is an indispensable substance in people's daily life. Water is needed for brushing teeth, bathing, water for cleaning fruits and vegetables, and water for daily drinking ... Water not only comes into close contact with people's skin, but also directly enters people from their mouths in many cases. in vivo. At this time, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, residual chlorine, impurities and other substances remaining in the water that is not clean may cause people's discomfort. Therefore, the cleanliness of water is very important in daily life, and the domestic water scene is diverse and there are many water pipes. How can we clean the household filter?

General domestic water is mainly tap water. Because the quality of tap water is more complicated, some of the substances in it are likely to cause harm to people's bodies. The filter core of this scale water purifier of the water purifier can remove harmful substances such as pipe rust, sediment, chloroform, odors, and heavy metals, and the alkaline balls in it can make water appear It is weakly alkaline. The human body is a relatively stable internal environment that is weakly alkaline. Drinking weakly alkaline drinking water can maintain the internal environment of the human body and make the body feel good. This scale water purifier not only cleans the water quality, but also retains the beneficial minerals in the water, so that people have water resources that are more beneficial to human health ~

People are dealing with water every day. News about diseases caused by insufficient water is never stopped. Today, people are paying more and more attention to the cleanliness of household water. Help each family easily filter tap water to bring clean and healthy water ~