What to do if the household water purifier freezes

Update:12 Aug 2020

1. Don't move frequently after installation

Some users often move the water purification equipment at will when using the product, which will cause the water purification equipment to not produce water, because the internal parts of the water purifier are linked by joints, and frequent movement may cause damage to the internal parts. Affect its use function.

2. Pay attention to frequent replacement of filter element and permeable membrane

There are multi-stage filter elements in the water purifier. Filter elements of different materials have different service life. The service life of the filter element is between 3-12 months. If the user finds that the product water becomes more and more turbid while using the product, and the cleaning filter element remains the same, it means that the filter element needs to be replaced.

3. The equipment installed outdoors needs anti-freezing measures

If it is installed outdoors, anti-freezing measures must be taken. Without anti-freezing measures, it may cause freezing and cracking of filter bottles and membrane shells. The temperature of the household water purifier must be stopped when the temperature is below zero. Because the volume of the water will expand during the solidification process, if it freezes, all the pipes, filter bottles, and membrane shells of the household water purifier will burst and leak water.

4. How to deal with icing

During this winter season, perhaps household water purifiers may freeze. During this period, the machine water cannot be forced to open. After turning on the machine, check for water leakage. If you find that the unopened reverse osmosis membrane is frozen, you can remove it. Place the package in cold water and soak for more than 24 hours before use.

5. Creating a good working environment for household water purifiers will help them live longer

Home water purifier maintenance plan 1: Do not move randomly after installation

Home water purifier maintenance plan 2: more cleaning after installation

Before using the household water purifier, the user had better turn on the faucet and clean it for ten minutes. Use the TDS pen to test the water quality after reaching the standard. After using for a period of time, if the water quality of the water purifier starts to become turbid, stop the machine, and then open the filter housing of the household water purifier. At this time, you will see that the filter element in the filter housing is very dirty. Load it up. Then turn on the machine to continue using. The benefits of this: it can ensure the health of the water produced by the household water purifier, extend the use time of the product, and extend the service life of the internal filter element and the permeable membrane.

Household water purifier maintenance plan 3: The filter element and the permeable membrane have different service life, so they must be replaced frequently

Home water purifier maintenance program 4: do not deliberately modify the machine

The daily clean water volume of a household water purifier is directly related to the configured pressure bucket. The water stored in the pressure bucket is the water used for purification. In the process of using the product, be careful not to overdo it. The water purifier can only produce water. It is suitable for drinking and some household use. Do not deliberately modify the machine because it feels that the water production is too low.

Home water purifier maintenance plan 5: remember to let the equipment rest when not in use

Maintenance plan 6 for household water purifiers: do an annual inspection