Introduction to knowledge of household water purifier accessories

Update:06 Aug 2020
Wholesale price of water purifier: what do household water purifier accessories include

Literally, it should be easier to understand. Household water purifier accessories naturally refer to auxiliary parts of household water purifiers. Household water purifiers are mainly composed of filter element, control panel, check valve, one-way valve, small ball valve, solenoid valve, pressure tank, water pump, waste water ratio, high and low pressure switch and other accessories. Just like the importance of hardware and electrical accessories to decoration design, users understand that hardware accessories can use household water purifiers more conveniently.

Wholesale price of water purifier: do household water purifier accessories need maintenance

The more good things are, the more they need to be maintained, as do household water purifier accessories. Buying a household water purifier is not a one-time-and-for-all service. We need to maintain the accessories of the household water purifier regularly, which is also part of home maintenance. Regular replacement of the filter element is a good maintenance method. If the filter element is used for a long time, it will cause blockage, and if it is not replaced for a long time, it may cause secondary pollution to the purified water.

Wholesale price of water purifier: the more filter elements of household water purifier accessories, the better

We know that the higher specifications of household water purifiers on the market now use five-stage filter element design, but this does not mean that the more filter elements for household water purifier accessories in restaurants, the better. The division of the five-stage filter element is generally the first-stage PP cotton, which can filter out sediment, suspended solids, rust, etc., and simply filter the raw water; the second-stage particulate carbon can absorb different colors, odors, organic matter, and residual chlorine in the water. , Improve the taste of the water; the third level of compressed carbon can further absorb the different colors and odors in the water; the fourth and fifth levels use filter membranes to completely remove harmful impurities in the water, so that the water can meet the raw drinking standard Up.

Wholesale price of water purifier: how to choose the brand of household water purifier accessories

There is one thing that can grab consumers' hearts in an instant, this is the brand. Whether it is a living room furniture or a household water purifier brand, as long as it is a familiar brand in our impression, the quality is definitely not wrong. In fact, this is completely a misunderstanding, especially in the household water purifier industry.