Which water purifier is better?

Update:17 Feb 2020

1. Anti-scaling faucet water purifier It mainly filters the domestic water. Generally, the filtration accuracy is between 20 and 100 microns, which can filter out various impurities, rust, suspended solids and sediment in domestic water, which can ensure the health and safety of our water.
2. However, the water filtered by the pre-filter cannot be drunk directly, but large-volume impurities are filtered out, so it can effectively prevent the blockage of pipes and protect water purifiers and washing machines.
3. Because the scale faucet water purifier filters out large-scale impurities, it can also reduce the problem of scale. Washing things with water and bathing with water will not harm the skin. In addition, the pre-filter has low cost, does not consume power, and has a long service life, so it is cost-effective and has the functions of energy saving and environmental protection.
Water purifier scale inhibitor faucet water purifier mostly refers to ultrafiltration machines and pure water machines for home use. The function of pure water machine is greater than that of ultrafiltration machine.
The anti-scale faucet water purifier ultrafiltration machine uses an ultrafiltration membrane, which can effectively remove bacteria, suspended solids and other impurities, but it cannot remove metal ions and small molecules. The pure water machine uses a reverse osmosis membrane. In addition to removing large particles of impurities, bacteria and other substances, it can also remove pesticide residues and metal ions to truly obtain pure water.