Working principle of household water purifier

Update:09 May 2020
In the decades of reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the economy, people's living standards are getting higher and higher. However, while excessively pursuing the rapid economic development, environmental pollution and water pollution problems have emerged and exposed frequently, which directly affects people's quality of life and Safety, especially water quality and safety issues are directly related to people ’s lives and health, and water purifiers have entered people ’s vision, and have entered thousands of households. They have become hot-selling home appliances in large shopping malls and supermarkets. With the consumption structure level With the change of consumer groups, consumer demand has also changed. From the original single price demand, now the comprehensive demand for product quality, appearance, function, fashion, service, etc. has driven the upgrading of industries and products by water purifier enterprises. Water purifiers have been in our country for 20 years, and the water purifier industry has been developing for so many years. It ’s time to break out. According to incomplete statistics, today ’s water purifier market has thousands of brands, large and small. With the familiar Gree, Haier and Dimanston, I have all formed a certain market share, especially Dimanston professional water purification, engaged in professional water purification enterprises, let more people drink safe, healthy and reliable Pure water.
From the water purifier into the Chinese market, the more advanced filter media on the market are activated carbon fiber ACF activated carbon fiber is a new type of functional fiber prepared by carbonization activation of organic fiber as a precursor. It is unknown that it has suddenly emerged and has become a hot-selling product in the home appliance industry. However, it is worth mentioning that the country ’s current water purifier market has not yet been fully developed, and there is still huge space to dig. At present, China ’s water purifier market coverage is only 15%. Compared with developed countries in Europe and America, the country ’s water purifier penetration rate is relatively low. However, compared with the development in the past few years, the popularity of water purifiers has increased year by year, bringing objective profit margins to the market and investors. A sunrise industry is also a huge business opportunity, and the future water purifier market can develop Hundreds of billions or even more industries. With the younger generation becoming a family, this generation is paying more attention to health awareness and quality of life. The pursuit of drinking water health has also become a trend. It is expected that the water purifier market will reach 38.9 billion by the end of 2018. As many yuan. With such a huge manufacturable period, the water purifier industry has also ushered in bursting growth. According to incomplete market analysis, the third-tier, fourth-tier, county, urban and rural areas are the largest manufacturable markets for water purifiers in the next few years. In order to stand out in such a large market, water purifier companies need to keep up with the times, keep up with market demand, carry out industrial upgrades and product upgrades, form a certain market reputation and brand image, and be able to improve product quality and innovation It has been recognized by consumers, enhanced user experience, and a perfect after-sales service mechanism, forming a certain brand trustworthiness!
Filter function
1 Purification: It can effectively filter out the sediment, rust, heavy metals and residual chlorine in the water, and at the same time remove the different colors, odors, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water, which can be directly consumed.
2 Mineralization: Make the water contain a variety of minerals and trace elements required by the human body, and adhere to the nutritional balance in the body.
3. Magnetization: Make small molecules of water more stable, ordered and have information memory function, increase a large amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the body.
4 Activation: It can change the structure of water molecules and turn large molecular water into hexagonal small molecular water, also known as cell water. Dimanston: with core · more at ease Special water. It can quickly interact with the molecular clusters in and around the cell, input nutrients into the cell, and take out toxic substances. Increasing the oxygen content by 2.7 times can inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and has a good bacteriostatic effect. With ultra-low oxidation / reduction potential (-150mv-350mv, it can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body and delay the aging of the human body.
5 Weak alkalization: adjust the PH value of water to make it weakly alkaline, balance the pH of human cell fluid, and improve human health. According to the survey, 70% of diseases occur in people with acidic constitution, while 85% of patients with gout, hypertension, cancer, and hyperlipidemia are all in acidic constitution. Therefore, medical experts suggest that the acidification of the human body is the source of all diseases. "
Filter function
1Permanence: As a nano vitality, it has two important physical properties, namely thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, which are very sensitive to small changes in external temperature and pressure. The vitality will convert these small changes of thermal energy and kinetic energy into electrical energy. , So nano vigor has permanent electricity. The "permanent electrical properties of nano vigor" can adjust the PH value and conductivity of water, make the water more weakly alkaline, and can break the water molecular chain to form small molecule water.
2 Far-infrared effect: Nano-vibrons can emit far-infrared rays of 815 microns, and the far-infrared rays of this wavelength are called the light of life. The recovery and decay of all things are related to the far-infrared rays of this wavelength. It can resonate with the skin and blood, so as to promote blood circulation, adjust the human microcirculation, expand the pores of the skin, so that the skin can better absorb nutrients, expel toxins, and increase metabolism.
3 High-quality fiber filter element: directly remove suspended solids, rust, various fine pollutants, hair and other small impurities.
4 Microcrystalline carbon composite rapid fluid descending decomposition: further remove the remaining heavy metals, organic matter, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, residual chlorine and chloroform in the water body.
5 High-tech high-energy nano-biochemical ceramics: When water flows through the high-energy biochemical ceramics, under the effect of NMR, the originally disordered and massive water molecular bonds are broken, forming a vibrant small molecule cluster of water, and the water polarity is rearranged and combined. At the same time, high-energy biochemical ceramics also endow small molecules with high-energy charge. In this state of water, the molecules are neatly arranged, the cohesion is strong, and the adsorption between the molecules is small. It contains high-efficiency energy and is closest to human cell water.
Activated carbon
It is more commonly used, and it is made of carbonaceous materials such as essence, coal quality, and nut shell (core) through chemical or physical activation methods. There are many micropores and specific surface area, so it has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in water. In addition, during the activation process, some oxygen-containing functional groups are formed on the non-crystalline parts of the surface of the activated carbon. These groups make the activated carbon have chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation and reduction properties, which can effectively remove some metal ions in water.
Reverse osmosis
One of the separation techniques. This method uses pressure to pass water through the synthetic membrane. The membrane only allows pure water to pass through while contaminants are eliminated. Using RO reverse osmosis technology, the US government and the Space Agency spent hundreds of millions of dollars to solve the drinking water problem of the astronauts on the moon. The interest is higher, suitable for areas with poor water quality.
When one process is difficult to remove harmful substances in the water, the use of two or more processes is a composite type. Such as activated carbon adsorption, ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption, microfiltration (passover filtration) polypropylene ultrafine fibers, living carbon, microfiltration (passover filtration), etc. In the composite water purifier, the membrane technology composite water purifier has excellent water purification performance, especially in the removal of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.). It has a relatively significant effect. Some of the water purifiers with good quality can be directly consumed raw. The popularity of consumers has become a hot spot in the current development of water purifiers.
From the above classification method of water purifiers, it is not difficult to see that household water purifiers are essentially miniaturization of deep water treatment. The main disposal objects are turbidity, color, smell and organic matter in tap water. It is generally composed of three parts: pre-filtration (coarse filtration) adsorption and fine filtration (microfiltration, overfiltration, reverse osmosis). Among them, adsorption (usually activated carbon adsorption) and fine filtration are the main means to remove organic matter, odor and color in water. The objective existence of the operating conditions directly affects the water quality of the water purifier. The service targets of household water purifiers are thousands of households, but due to the difference in water quality and water pressure conditions in the use area, the users lack the necessary operating knowledge, and the product design cannot cope with the ever-changing situation, so the production of water purifiers Manufacturers should consider allowing users to master certain professional knowledge, standardized equipment and operation of water purifiers, so as to achieve the desired effect of effluent water quality.
Filter type
In view of the deterioration of the modern social environment, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and pollutants in the water are increasing. Radical water purifiers such as pesticides, fertilizers and organic concentrates are difficult to remove, so it is necessary to improve the water purification effect of the water purifier. The water tank has super removal ability for water pollution (such as chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides, carcinogenic properties, etc.), and can store calcium and magnesium ions in water.
The new functional adsorption data of the third-generation products after granular activated carbon and activated carbon rods have the characteristics of good moldability, acid and alkali resistance, good electrical conductivity and chemical stability. ACF has super strong adsorption for dust, compounds and heavy metals, and is widely used in food, water purification, fine chemical industry, nuclear industry and other fields. The leader in Jiekubi ACF activated carbon fiber, while deeply removing the pollution of residual chlorine, bacteria, compounds and heavy metals in the water, it can effectively restore the inherent sweet taste of purified water.