Household water purifier should do these points

Update:15 May 2020

In recent years, with the improvement of the national economy, people's awareness of healthy consumption has gradually awakened. More and more people have begun to pay attention to the problem of household drinking level safety. Water purifiers are gradually entering thousands of households to protect my daily household water.
However, given that some users have very little understanding of the water purifier, this "new family member has very little solution. Basically, except for simple operation and use, other things such as the life of the whole machine, daily maintenance, maintenance, etc., are completely ignorant.
However, as the saying goes, "good steel is used on the blade to buy a water purifier of good quality. It is certainly not a problem to use it for ten or eight years. It is very possible to use it well for 15 years. However, we must remind everyone that no matter how good the quality of the water purifier is, if it lacks the necessary care and maintenance, it will still affect the service life of the water purifier and reduce the water purification effect of the water purifier.
 Where should we start the daily maintenance and maintenance of the water purifier?
1. Do regular cleaning of the water purifier
First, make regular cleaning of the water purifier, including the following aspects:
1 The external body of the water purifier is clean. Just use a clean wet cloth for simple cleaning, and you should try to prevent the use of detergent or soap during the cleaning process.
2 Regularly flush the inside of the water purifier. Generally, it is rinsed at least once a week. Most homes now use smart water purifiers. As long as you press the backwash button, you can automatically flush. More advanced water purifiers are equipped with automatic timing flushing and backwashing functions, so No need to worry about the trouble of washing!
3 Disinfect the water purifier. Generally, it needs to be done once every six months to a year, and most of them are sterilized by ozone. It is best to make an appointment with a regular water purifier manufacturer for disinfection. In addition, after extreme weather, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc., the whole machine needs to be disinfected!
2. Regular and timely replacement of water purifier filter
Generally speaking, the service life of the water purifier is actually the life of the water purifier filter. In this regard, some people even compare the filter element to the soul of the water purifier, showing the importance of the filter element.
If the water purifier does not replace the filter element for a long time or the filter element is not replaced in time, the dirt and bacteria adsorbed on the filter element accumulate, the purification effect of the water purifier is weakened, and the safety and health of the water outlet cannot be guaranteed normally.
In addition, the water purifier is composed of a plurality of different types of filter cores to complete the purification and filtration. The service life of different filter cores is different. In order to ensure the water quality, the filter core must be replaced regularly.
3. Do not use for more than 3 days, cut off the water and rest
If the water purifier is not used for more than 3 days, it is best to cut off the water source and let the water purifier rest and recuperate to prevent the damage caused by the water hammer caused by the instability of the water pressure, causing damage to the relevant parts of the water purifier. If you leave it unattended for more than 3 days, you should cut off the water source, so that you can also buy an effective extension of the life of the water purifier.
After reading the above sharing, I believe that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the daily maintenance and care of the water purifier. The rest is that more practice is used in daily life. After all, buying a high-quality water purifier still needs to be spent. A reasonable expenditure to extend the life of the water purifier through reasonable maintenance is to care for the health of the family and yourself. Do you drink clean water today?