How can water purifier agents make the market bigger

Update:21 May 2020

It is said that eight of the ten inspection projects have considered joining water purifier agents, and nowadays water purifiers are very popular. The high profits and industry prospects of water purifiers are favored by countless investors, but due to the influence of factors such as regional consumption capacity, not all water purifiers can be joined overnight. So how to join the water purifier agent to make the market bigger? The Dimanston water purifier will give you an in-depth analysis:
1. Investigate the market and recognize the positioning
The country has a vast territory, and different regions will have large differences in water quality. Therefore, franchisees of water purifiers should conduct market surveys on local water quality, consumption levels, and people's health awareness. It is not allowed to introduce products blindly, which leads to functional requirements and price positioning that do not meet the actual needs of the locality. In the end, it will only end up unattended.
Second, channel development can not go the old way
The sales channel is often the most passive link for the franchisees. The marketing method of waiting for the wait is outdated. To break through the sales model of the radical home appliance industry, there are different ways. Enterprises can summarize several new types of marketing based on their years of marketing experience. Sales channels, including: entering large-scale home appliance stores, supermarkets to cooperate in promotional displays, community cooperation stall promotion, find related home appliances and home improvement building materials channel sales, find distributors, etc. Of course, the development of these channels also requires skills, big brand water purification After the agent establishes a store, the enterprise will assign a professional marketing manager to assist in development and skill training on site.
Third, the brand promotion method should be precise
There are nearly 5,000 state-owned water purifier brands in China. If there is no strong promotion method, it is difficult to sell the brand. Consumers have less solution to water purifiers. Therefore, the promotion of water purifiers should be through community activities, Promotional events and other interactive and accurate forms of communication, such as the interpretation of drinking level safety knowledge, field trials, free tasting, etc. In addition, the design of color pages, graphics, videos and other aspects in advertising forms also need to carry popular science drinking water knowledge and other content, which is soft Sexual marketing.
How to join the water purifier agent to make the market bigger? In fact, the more correct direction is that manufacturers and agent franchisees must work together to achieve mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.