How big is the fake and inferior household water purifier

Update:11 Jun 2020

1. Significant harm
The significant hazards of inferior water purifiers, that is, hazards that can be visually expressed or observed, can basically be divided into the following situations:

1. Inferior transformers are used for circuit problems, which leads to circuit failure and loss of family wealth.

2. Waterway problems Inferior quality water purifiers use inferior water pipes, small workshop filter bottles and other water passing parts. The precision and firmness are not up to the standard. Generally, after half a year of use, they often leak. Soaking floors, cabinets, walls, etc., hurts users.

3. The pressure barrel problem The pressure barrel explosion is a small probability event, but no one wants to overturn the cabinets at home. The material of the pressure tank in the unqualified small manufacturer is extremely poor, which leads to secondary pollution of water quality.

4. There are many machine failures, and the water purifier cannot be used. It is an internal and external double-circulation system. Many failures are systemic problems, which are faults in the mother's womb. It is difficult to repair.

2. Invisible hazards

Compared with significant hazards, Dimanston reminds consumers not to guard against counterfeit and shoddy products. There are great hidden dangers in the market for sub-charged Sanwu products.

1. Poor filter: This year, scammers have been advancing with the times. In the first two years, I put stones directly into the filter element, but now I continue to put activated carbon and PP cotton. I can’t really see from the appearance, but they are often inferior materials, less than two pounds, and heavy metals. , Wait, it's more deceptive.

2. The quality of the filtered water is even worse: poor filter elements, poor data, poor water storage tanks/water tanks, it is better to drink tap water directly with such machines. For example, the wading plastics may be made of recycled plastics (commonly known as recycled materials).How can the drinking level be ensured?

Water purification system Light luxury custom brand OWIN original water purifiers have passed strict inspections, quality assurance, professional ethics, quality and materials, and strictly eliminate all low-quality raw materials.

Any qualified and regular high-quality water purifier has strict specifications, and any original authentic water purifier has the following elements.

1. Product SN code (important information for after-sales service warranty maintenance, tearing is invalid)

2. Product brand (all products have their parameters and product specifications details)

3. Product anti-counterfeit code (scan the code to obtain product information, scratch the coating to verify the authenticity)

4. Device binding code According to the function, the part of the Dimanston water purifier is affixed with a device binding code (each device has a unique binding code. If the scan code appears to be a model mismatch and other abnormal reminders are all counterfeit products, Please contact the manufacturer's 400 phone to report) WeChat scan code can be bound to easily control the operation/start/stop of the device.

6. The outer packaging is strictly regulated and the information is detailed to ensure consumers