Several common abnormalities in the use of water purifiers

Update:18 Jun 2020

Let everyone tell you about some common anomalies in the use of household water purifiers-how to face and solve them?

First: After temporary use of the water purifier, will the accumulated dirt cause secondary pollution?

If the temporarily accumulated pollutants are not discharged in time, secondary pollution will occur in the filter element. Therefore, physical filter elements such as PP cotton and activated carbon should be replaced in time after 6-12 months. Those who say that the filter element will not be replaced in 5 years The argument is pure flicker.

Second: Will the effluent quality deteriorate if it is not used after a certain period of time?

There will be a certain impact, you can entrust your family and friends to pass the water once every 1-2 days, there is no problem. If you can’t find anyone, you can remove the water purifier filter, drain the water upside down, and seal it with a plastic bag. can. However, it is recommended that you rinse for 30 minutes the next time you use it to ensure that you drink clean and safe water.

Third: After installing the water purifier, there will still be scale

Hollow fiber or ceramic filter is the core technology of water purifier, generally does not have the ability to remove scale, the hollow membrane pore size is generally between 0.1-0.005um, can effectively remove colloids and other large molecular organic matter, but for relatively small Calcium, magnesium and other metal ions are helpless. Therefore, the content of metal ions in the purified water produced by the ultrafiltration water purifier is not much different from the raw water. If the raw water has scale, then the RO membrane and resin (UDF softening filter element in the water purifier will reduce the scale after filtering).

Fourth: Red precipitate will occur after the water filtered by some water purifiers boils

The most prominent point in the purification function of the water purifier is to keep the trace elements and minerals necessary for the human body. Therefore, in general, no red sediment will occur in the effluent of the water purifier, but if the effluent of the water purifier is boiled, the hard water As the temperature increases, the solubility of the compounds in the water decreases, causing minerals in the water to condense and precipitate or boil in the water after boiling. In addition, this phenomenon sometimes occurs occasionally in cold water, which is related to the alkalinity of the water. If the above water is made into ice, the solubility will also decrease when the temperature drops to the freezing point, forming a red precipitate. For the presence of minerals in natural water, the red precipitate formed due to the increase or decrease in water temperature does not affect the quality of the water, and consumers need not worry.

Fifth: Some tea brewed with a water purifier will form a film on the surface?

Some users use the water purifier to make tea, which will form a thin film on the surface. This is because the minerals in the water in the area are high. The characteristics of the water purifier retain the minerals in the effluent. When the minerals in the water interact with theophylline in tea, antioxidants such as tea polyphenols and other natural compounds, a layer of film will be formed on the surface of the water. The film formed by this natural substance is beneficial to the human body. worry.

Sixth: The regional water flow is very large, but the water flow of the water purifier is very small?

The water flow is not equal to the pressure, which depends on the size of the water pipeline and the size of the faucet. It also involves the natural phenomenon of high and low water levels. Therefore, you can measure the water pressure with a pressure gauge. If it cannot meet the minimum water purifier Use pressure, please take boosting measures as soon as possible to improve product usage.