Why is your water purifier sales always bad

Update:04 Jun 2020

At the same time, the same water purifier joined. Some franchisees can quickly develop the market, increase customer base, and bring benefits in return, while others are uninterested and have very few returns. So, why do some water purifier agent franchisees always sell badly? Today, Dimanston, the top ten brands of water purifiers, will tell you why the sales are not going well:
1. Lack of team awareness
According to the investigation, it is found that many franchisees do not have a good plan and team for franchise sales. Some of them are only husband and wife to open a store, and some even open an individual store. Inside and outside are working alone. It is suitable for the needs of market development because in the new market environment, it is necessary to learn to borrow and integrate resources and rely on the team to work hard. For example, after joining, if you find ten people, you might earn 100 yuan and you need ten points. But what if there are ten people, twenty people, thirty people or more? Although people have more points, the same people earn more and earn more.
Second, rely too much on the manufacturer
Because of the joining, many franchisees of water purifiers are very dependent on the manufacturers. Like the water purifier investment office, I met a franchisee before. I could find a manufacturer if I could not sell it. I could not find a manufacturer in the market. In short, the manufacturer had to manage everything like his parents. Push it to the manufacturer whenever something happens. Such franchisees are unwelcome for water purifiers because they have no self-consciousness and will not work hard on their own. They only pin their hopes on others. It is difficult to succeed.
In addition, if you like to find a manufacturer for anything, the same is true for small problems such as leaking joints and pipes that are not inserted properly. Then, the merchants do not like that you want to increase product sales, you must learn new technologies from time to time and improve business capabilities. , So that customers can trust you to buy your products.
3. Will not analyze the market
Joining a water purifier is indeed a good development industry, but if you don’t have a keen insight, you won’t analyze the market, you don’t know what to do, and there are also people who fail. It’s not that you’re joining a brand that’s bad or it’s a manufacturer. The product is not good, on the contrary, the product may be better than you expected, and the quality is better than you think, but the result is still not satisfactory, why? Because you have no insight and will not analyze the market, even if such franchisees have good resources, they will still fail, which is not surprising.
4. Blind and invalid publicity
Although some water purifier franchisees have also made a lot of publicity investment, but the effect is not good. Propaganda is obviously ineffective and in vain, increasing costs. In this regard, professionals recommend that you do not make blind and ineffective publicity, according to the habits and preferences of local people, with appropriate intensity to promote and think, so that they can sell water purifiers.
Therefore, if it is not good to join the business of water purifiers, you may wish to see if the above places are not in place and need to be improved in time, so that you can have a better business.