Talking about the current stage of the water purifier industry

Update:29 May 2020
Against this background, household water purifiers have high hopes and are considered to be the next blue ocean in the home appliance industry. In fact, in-depth analysis shows that the future development path of the water purifier industry has actually been basically determined.
Everyone knows that the country is now controlling water pollution, but everyone has a little lack of solutions in the field of water purification. As a late start but has already begun to "fly into the home of ordinary people" household water purifiers are increasingly becoming a new blue ocean in the small home appliance market, which is also due to the trend of increasing pursuit of quality of life in the process of improving the overall level of life from time to time.
It is understood that the development of the National Water Purifier is divided into three stages:
The first stage: the germination period from 1980s to 1990s;
The second stage: the period of exploration and development from 1990s to 2000;
The third stage: from 2001 to the present growth period. From the second stage, the country's water purifier officially started, and opened the road to rapid development and major brands.
After entering the growth period, terminal water treatment equipment cannot meet the people's demand for drinking water and water, and the domestic water purifier market has begun to attract much attention. Since then, the household water purifier industry has entered a period of rapid development.
Statistics show that since 2009, the average annual compound growth rate of national water purifier sales has reached more than 30%, but the real burst began in 2012, and commercial water purifiers and domestic water purification officially took place. The market situation of "three points in the world" for water bottles and bottled water.
In 2016, the sales of national water purifiers exceeded 20 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 40%. 2017 sales exceeded 30 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of about 50%. Industry estimates, as consumers' awareness of water purifiers With the deepening of the level, household water purifiers will become the mainstream, and the growth rate in the future for a long period of time will not be less than 20%. The market size will reach 60 billion yuan in 2020.

Water purifier market has unlimited potential
A part of industry experts and professors proposed that from the consideration of multiple factors such as brands, products, and enterprises, the national water purifier industry will complete the important tasks of the growth period in 2019, and will enter the childish period from 2020, and will maintain a period of ten years. In 2030, it will enter a low point.
Of course, national water purifiers also face "troubles in the development period" such as the biggest distress: the coverage rate is too low, resulting in insufficient market burst strength. It is understood that the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed countries is more than 80%, but less than 5% in the country, especially in rural areas, is still a blank.
As for the lack of coverage, the industry agreed that there are the following points: many consumers still have too few solutions for water purifiers, especially in backward areas, lacking trust in household water purifier products; there are many brands of household water purifier Variety, product quality is uneven, so that the buyer can not find the direction; complex equipment, convenient maintenance and maintenance maintenance and other aspects of the after-sale link there are more difficulties.
In general, the national water purifier industry is now in the stage of transition from "soft demand" to "rigid demand", and the sales market has not formed a complete set of ecological chains. Therefore, the market with huge potential cannot be quickly burst out. However, from the experience of developed countries, this is a necessary stage.
Fortunately, the market demand continues to rise, the national level of multi-party management and control strict accumulates a substantial increase in the industry threshold, the reshuffle of the household water purifier field is underway, and the environment for the healthy development of the industry is also being established.
After entering the infancy period in 2020, the national water purifier brands will definitely show a strong situation. The foreign brands, joint venture brands and domestic brands will eventually merge into the three camps of high, medium and low, and the difference is increasing. Finally eliminate enterprises without core competitiveness. In 2030, the trough will form a giant monopoly and finally form a monopolistic pattern. The profits of other water purifier manufacturers will be further reduced, and eventually they will voluntarily transform and develop or withdraw.