How does the water purifier agent enlarge the market

Update:24 Jun 2020
A strong alliance for mutual benefit and win-win results. How to join the water purifier agent to make the market bigger? In fact, the more correct direction is the joint efforts of manufacturers and agent franchisees. It is said that eight of the ten inspection projects have considered joining water purifier agents, and nowadays water purifiers are very popular. The high profits and industry prospects of water purifiers are favored by countless investors, but due to the influence of factors such as regional consumption capacity, not all water purifiers can be joined overnight. So how to join the water purifier agent to make the market bigger? The following ten water purifier brands Demanston will give you an in-depth analysis:

1. Investigate the market and recognize the positioning

Different regions also have large differences in water quality, and the country is vast. Therefore, franchisees of water purifiers should conduct market surveys on local water quality, consumption levels, and people's health awareness. Do not blindly introduce products, which will lead to functional requirements and price positioning that do not meet local actual needs. In the end, they will only end up unattended.

2. Channel development must not go the old way

Channel development can't go the old way. Sales channels are often the most passive link for franchisees. The marketing method of waiting for others is outdated. If you want to break through the sales model of the radical home appliance industry, there are different ways. Companies can use their own years of marketing experience. Summarized several new sales channels, including: entering large-scale home appliance stores, supermarkets to cooperate in promotional displays, community cooperation stalls, find related home appliances and home improvement materials sales channels, find distributors, etc. Of course, the development of these channels is also needed Skills, major brand water purifier companies will appoint professional marketing managers after the agent builds a store, on-site assistance development, skill training, etc.

Third, the brand promotion method should be precise

If there is no strong promotion method, there are nearly 5,000 state-owned water purifier brands. It is difficult to get the brand out of the way. Consumers have relatively few solutions for water purifiers. Therefore, the publicity of water purifiers should be interactive through community activities, promotional activities and other integrated drinking knowledge, field trials, free tasting, etc. The precise form of communication, and the design of color pages, graphics, videos, etc. in the form of advertisements also need to carry the knowledge of popular drinking water and other content, which belongs to soft marketing.

4. Diversified marketing team building

The construction of the marketing team is diversified. According to the strength of the agents, the marketing team can be divided into professional teams and channel partners such as scattered salesmen." The professional team does not need to say much. The scattered type includes shopping guides for supermarkets. Staff, water delivery workers for barreled water, store owners of hardware and building materials, community properties, and other resources that can assist you in sales. The advantage of this team's construction is that it can directly contact potential customers and can deliver brand reputation to potential customers and can also improve The conversion rate of potential customers achieves the ultimate sales purpose.