How to choose a smart water purifier

Update:01 Jul 2020
Increasing attention is paid to the safety of drinking, with the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness. The requirements for drinking water quality are increasing day by day. Therefore, the water purifier market has huge space. This huge market has attracted more than 3,000 companies at home and abroad to participate in the competition. However, the water purifier has not been recognized and accepted by consumers as household appliances, and even shows that consumers do not believe 2. The reason for not worrying about giving up after using it, what is the reason?
1. Introduction to Smart Water Purifier Solutions

What is the role? How to choose the right one? For everyone, the deterioration of water quality today is also very headache: do you need to install an intelligent water purifier? So many smart water purification products. Clean water is as important as clean air, and both are indispensable. However, these two things seem to have become extravagant hopes. This article will make a common sense popularization of the water purification problems that trouble most people.

Second, the choice of smart water purifier solutions

What are the selection criteria? How to choose an intelligent water purifier?

1. Secondly, domestic pollution and other heavy metal pollution are endangering the health of Chinese household drinking water; it is recommended to choose a water purifier that can remove heavy metals.

2. Family with children. Especially in addition to lead (lead damage to children's intelligence can not be reversed; third-party certification is more convincing.

3. Don't just look at the merchant's own publicity It is also hoped that relevant domestic authorities can establish similar certification standards as soon as possible. One of the specifications for using smart water purifiers is the effect of removing lead. Because these injuries are irreversible, once the harm is formed, it cannot be saved.

3. Prospects of Smart Water Purifier Solutions

Moreover, the appearance is beautiful and does not occupy space. The development of water purifiers has entered a naive period from the birth to the present design and research, quality control, product technology; water purifier products are not only made for drinking, pure physical filtration, high filtration accuracy, Use interest is low. Also recognized by many consumers, the water purifier has ushered in a burst development stage. After entering 2018, the water purifier industry has ushered in new development opportunities. In the Internet era, user needs and experience have become important judgment norms. Only by solving user pain points and meeting user needs can they drive the development and transformation of the industry.