Titanium Rod Filter Introduction

Update:09 Oct 2019

The titanium rod filter device is a precision filter device, a titanium metal filter, a filter with a general melt spray filter, a filter element, a folding filter element which is not affected by corrosion and high temperature and resistance of the surrounding wire rod, and is non-toxic. No particles and no liquid components, so titanium is a rod and has a long service life (normal service life of 4-5 years), easy to clean, and can be regenerated; titanium rod filter device often water pure water, mineral water terminal For medical and water treatment, our titanium rod filter housings are made of 316l or 304 high quality stainless steel, two internal and external mirror finishes, and the core is made of titanium rods. Titanium rod filters are deep filtration, not only in titanium rods. The surface forms a dense filter layer filter with a gap, and the particles can also adhere to the wall surface of the channel to form a bridge phenomenon, intercepting particles smaller than the diameter of the titanium rod, and improving the filtration precision.